The Cookie That Saved My Sanity

This is the place you would normally find new, cool, interesting things to do in Asheville but for now, our city is closed along with the rest of the country.  This one is personal, it’s about sadness and gratitude and the little cookie that could.

March 16 was a hard day.  We had 11 cancellations in less than 24 hours. It was the day the world stopped traveling. We could pretend for 2 more days until the last guest checked out but we were mentally preparing for zero occupancy and what that would mean financially.

Pinecrest has a cookie tray every day so baking is an important part of my routine.  On March 19, I lamented on my personal Facebook page how much I missed baking for guests when a friend asked if I shipped so on March 20, I posted my virtual “Pecan Bars Bake Sale.”  My generous friends ordered 8 batches of cookies the first day! Now I had somewhere positive to channel my energy. Being in the kitchen is my normal and baking pecan bars was a break from spreadsheets, and applications for LOC and SBA loans.

Two weeks into this project and I’ve baked 58 batches.  Every order has a personal connection. Friends, family and neighbors tossed me a lifeline and purpose.  We’re so grateful that we are going to pay it forward: $1 from every batch will be donated to our local One Buncombe Fund to help Asheville residents during this crisis.

While most of us might be spared the disease, no one is immune to the effects.  We are grateful to the guests who opted for a gift certificate but understood those who needed a refund.  We applaud the medical and essential services who are working tirelessly while the rest of us wait. We worry that Diane’s elderly parents don’t get sick now.  Our hearts are sad for those who have died and their loved ones.

Pinecrest B&B is just a place where two people live now but no crisis lasts forever. Stay home, stay safe, and we’ll see you on the other side.